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DEPT: Economic dev. & Community Services

The primary objectives of the Economic Development & Community services department of Ongwediva Town Council are to plan, lead, control, and budget for all economic development, health and community services offered by the town council to the town of Ongwediva (i.e. local economic development initiatives, trade centre, SNMPC, and health services) with a view to promote the economic and community development of the town, whilst ensuring compliance of all such initiatives with environmental health regulations.

The department comprise of 4 divisions namely:

  • Local Economic Development and Tourism,
  • Environmental Health,
  • Sam Nujoma Multi-purpose Centre, and
  • Emergency Services.

The key performance areas include the following:

  • Strategic planning, budgeting and advice.
  • Strategic economic development, health and community services issues and/or in potential investor’s meetings to the Management Committee and or Council.
  • Identify the operational measures required to ensure that local economic growth can be promoted within the parameters of compliance with health regulations.
  • Community Services through the SNMPC
  • Strategic guidance on emergency services of the town.
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