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Ongwediva as a modern settlement was established by the South African Government dispensation in the sixties, in the land under the traditional leadership of the late Headman Nandjembo Mengela. It was earmarked as a residential and institutional settlement for persons and their families who were employed in Government and commerce of Oshakati and Ondangwa. As a result all main educational institutions in Northern Namibia were located in Ongwediva.

On the dissolution of the South African Government dispensation; upon the passing of the Local Authorities Act of 1992, Ongwediva was proclaimed as a Town with a Town Council. The first Town Council was elected at the end of 1992.

Upon its inception early 1993, the Town Council made gigantic progress in a) establishing its administrative structure and systems and b) acquiring its own administrative and technical know-how to run its own affairs. The Town Council’s capabilities to manage the Town increased such that in July 1998, the Ministry of Regional Local Government and Housing decided to discontinue it’s involvement in the operational management of the Town as per its previous Agency Agreement. The Town Council of Ongwediva was thus granted fully autonomous status to fulfill all its obligations to the people of Ongwediva in accordance to with the Local Authority’s Act.

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