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Sam Nuujoma Multi-Purpose Center

The Sam Nujoma Multi- Purpose Centre a social arm of Ongwediva Town Council responsible to address diversified social and developmental needs for the Ongwediva community. The centre programs and activities are supported and funded by Ongwediva Town Council.

The SNMPC is governed by a multi-sectored Advisory Committee chaired by his worship the Mayor of Ongwediva and it provides input and approval for development projects implemented by the centre. Its membership includes representatives from government and non-governmental organization based in Oshana region.

  • SNMPC Vision – Be the transmission belt of sustainable programs that will attract diverse social classes and facilitate the process of community ownership.
  • SNMPC Mission  – commits itself to offer diversified sustainable social and developmental programs to all community members of Ongwediva, to ensure ownership and a sense of belonging


The centre started its activities in the year 2003 and the following programs were implemented since then:

  • Behaviour Change Communication
  • Bright Future After School program for OVC
  • Community Wellness and Care
  • Basic Computer course
  • American Corner Ongwediva – Mini library and program space
  • Youth development activities
  • Tukwafela Support Group( Sewing project)

Behaviour Change Communication Program

A comprehensive health program that focus on public health awareness to the community and schools using a participatory approach focus group discussions, peer group discussion and video facilitation which  aimed to positively change and improve the knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of our people with regard to health related issues.

Below picture illustrate the Behaviour Change Communication Officer facilitating a video show as one form of the participatory approach at Charles Anderson Junior Secondary School to grade 7 and 8 learners.

The Bright Future After School Program OVC

The bright future after school program is designed to provide a comprehensive program for the Orphans and other vulnerable children of Ongwediva town and surrounding villages in a friendly, safe and caring environment.

The Bright Future after school program runs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday as from 15:00 – 16:30.  Children can be registered on a daily basis based on criteria such as:

  • A child must be at least 3 years old and not older than 18 years.
  • A child without one or both parents (deceased).
  • A vulnerable child in such a case that parents or guardians are unemployed.
  • A child with parents suffering of disabilities.
  • Copy of a birth certificate for the child, Identity documents for the parents or guardians to be accompanied by the registration form.

The Bright Future after school program support Orphans and Vulnerable children with

  • Acquiring National birth Certificate and Identity documents.
  • Health support: Life skill session and Hygiene practice.
  • Educational support: Homework assistance, extra classes on basic subjects (mathematics and science mostly), Religious moral education, school visit and acquire free education especially to private schools in Ongwediva.
  • Psychosocial support: Sporting activities, Group counselling, Life skills program, home visit and community awareness
  • Recreational activities: Clubs (debate, art, music, knitting, drama, choir, etc.)
  • Feeding program
  • The motto food for thought was adopted as a reminder of the importance of developing the minds and the bodies of the children though Mentoring, Discipline, Support, Love and Nutrition.

Community Wellness and Care Program

Its project goal is to strengthen the quality of life and extended lifespan of people infected and affected by different health threatening illness. The community wellness and care program strive to provide wellness and care services to families and individuals in the community.

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